High Fidelity is the go-go juice cure for musical boredom.  Each week, you’ll get a playlist with a theme, content from around the web that feeds off that theme and other assorted happenings. News, fashion, food, memes, loves, hates, the occasional dirty joke. You’ll also find a calendar for upcoming concerts* that’s way less annoying than all those promoter emails that tell you “If you like Leonard Cohen, you’ll be happy to know that One Direction is coming to an arena near you.”

This is not necessarily about that new hot shit, but you will get dosed with it from time to time. This is about rediscovering what’s already out there and remembering how much you loved Barenaked Ladies that summer you made your friend try a cigarette and she puked in your sink.

*For the time being, concert listings are only for New York Metro area only.


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